Osca Brush

Routine Maintenance Osca brush

This is a tractor mounted oscillating drag brush which is extremely effective on synthetic turf. Whereas the Hörger lifts out, filters and reinserts the infill, the Osca de-compacts 2G sand-filled surfaces by bringing the sand to the surface. Therefore,  any compacted sand is loosened and can then be brushed back into the carpet.

Essentially, two oscillating brushes stand the carpet fibres upright and re-distribute the in-fill evenly. This minimises compaction on the surface, and improves the playing characteristics of the pitch or court.

Undoubtedly, brushing is necessary to remove excess material on synthetic surfaces and to keep in-fill mobile to prevent compaction.

This operation ideally needs to be carried out on a weekly basis to have a benefit to the playing surface. However, some of our clients request twice weekly visits to keep heavily used sports surfaces in good condition.

With this purpose in mind, we can tailor a maintenance programme to suit your needs.  We can offer various frequencies, such as twice weekly, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


Artificials Osca
Regular, routine maintenance like this prolongs the life of your 2G sand filled surface


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Osca oscillating brush on 2g sand pitch
  • When we carry out the aggressive brushing action, it keeps the infill mobile and prevents surface compaction and loss of porosity
  • This allows us to maintain the infill level at a constant depth and subsequently giving consistent playing characteristics
  • Overall, this helpts to prevent fibre damage caused by reduced infill levels
  • We use fewer passes than conventional dragbrushes, causing less compaction
  • The action of the machine disperses sand quickly and evenly, thus preventing excess material being left on the surface

For deep cleaning and filtering of debris from the infill, our Hörger machine is the perfect piece of machinery for the job