Artificial Surface Contamination Testing

Infill depth (and quantity within the sward) has an effect on surface performance and player safety.  Furthermore, as the depth of infill decreases relative to the fibre length, playing quality will also decrease.  Also, as infill  contamination goes up, filtration rate and pitch drainage goes down. This creates all sorts of playing performance problems, such as surface hardness, ball bounce, traction and ball decelertion.

Contamination in the sand infill from fibre particles, dirt, moss, algae, and suchlike, blocks the pores between the infill grains of sand. This slows the speed at  which water is able to flow through the infill.  Also, by making the pores smaller, the pitch takes longer to dry out because it holds water longer.  This is why it is essential to keep infill clean by regular maintenance.

2G Sand Surfaces Infill Contamination Testing

We provide a contamination testing service which shows exactly how much contamination exists in the sand infill.  After lab testing, we provide a report on the contamination test results and give advice on how to improve the surface properties.

The samples on the right have been taken from 3 separate areas on an  artificial sports pitch.

An average is then taken which gives us a percentage contamination, allowing us to decide on a course of treatment.  This is a non-chargeable service to the client.

sand infill contamination testing

Limit contamination by frequently:

  • clearing debris off synthetic surface (litter & leaf removal)
  • dragmat brushing to de-compact the surface
  • treatment of moss, algae and weeds
  • deep clean power brushing to de-compact and clean out dirt and debris from the infill
Artificial surface sand and rubber infill system diagram

If a synthetic sports surface is not well maintained, water percolation is inhibited due to dust and debris creating a sludgy impermeable layer on the playing surface.  This in turn, creates an unsafe and slippery pitch or court surface.

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sand infill image on a synthetic sports pitch
synthetic sports surface carpet pile folding over

Compacted carpet fibres,creating a non permeable surface

waterlogged synthetic sports pitch

Lack of porosity in the carpet, causing  puddling after rainfall