What compaction is on synthetic surfaces

The surrounding environment influences all sand or rubber filled artificial turf surfaces from day one.

Specifically, rain washes in dust, pollen, plant debris and other abrasive materials into the  'carpet' fibres. Critically, this creates a hardened surface, which is no longer water permeable.

Every time it rains, puddles will appear on the sports court or pitch.

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Horger on a rubber surface
Horger cleaning a synthetic pitch in Kinross

Other reasons to deep clean a synthetic surface

Particles of humus percolate into the infill, creating the ideal breeding ground for :

  • algae
  • moss
  • bacteria

Artificial turf that is unclean, is no longer fit for purpose and is at risk of causing accidents, as the surface becomes slippery.

Only with regular maintenance and care, can a filled artificial surface be kept in optimum condition and subequently remain playable for many years.

How the Hörger machine works

For effective upkeep, it is necessary to lift the filling material off the turf pile at regular intervals.

The Hörger sieves the coarse soiling and filters out the fine dust.

The machine straightens the bent turf fibres, before the cleaned infill (filling) material is put back into the surface for stabilization.

This is a light footprint machine pulled by compact tractor, preventing further compaction.

We carry out this operation once or twice a year, depending on contamination and usage.

We may require to do this in one or possibly two passes to be effective.

How we do it, we:

  • break the compaction up
  • loosen the infill
  • reinsert the infill into the 'carpet' pile
  • remove coarse soiling
  • filter fine particles
  • dispose of the filtered debris

The result

The artificial turf is now loose & flexible again, drainage effect is repaired and the risk of accidents is decreased.

Artificial surface maintenance with Hoerger

We also provide an infill contamination testing service to calculate the percentage of contamination within the surface on 2G pitches and courts.

Our specialist takes samples and tests them in our laboratory.  We then determine the percentage of contamination and provide a written report on the maintenance required.

We also carry out a moss/algae control service, along with seam repairs, sand spreading, as well as full time maintenance contracts.

After cleaning, we can spray sanitizer on your sports pitch or court to protect the players from any pathogens.

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synthetic surface cleaning with the Horger machine