Goalpost Safety Testing

McNab Sport can provide a complete assessment of existing fixed goalposts for strength & stability, along with recommendations.

We carry out strength and stability tests and a visual health check of each goal. We provide recorded data & digital photos of existing goals, record sheets and guidance on replacement, repair and installation.

This goal post testing device enables you to replicate the strength and stability tests outlined in BS EN 748 and BS 8462. This service performs an accurate risk assessment on all football goals used on grass pitches to ensure they are safe to use.

Wooden goalposts are not recommended as they all fail the strength and stability test. Metal net hooks were banned by the FA in 2007 but some clubs are still unaware of this, we can provide advice on replacement equipment that meet current standards.


Goal post strength & stability testing
Goalpost strength & stability testing

The strength and stability test can only occur on permanently installed grass-based goals, not goals based on synthetic surfaces.

We can offer a visual check and advice on all goals and their current safety status including for hockey, rugby, and also tennis courts.

Contact us on 01577 864198 or info@mcnabsport.co.uk

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