Artificial Surfaces

McNab Sport can carry out maintenances for all types of surfaces. These include sand filled, sand dressed, along with 3G and 4G surfaces.

Services include:

  • Brushing to aerate and level surface and remove litter and debris
  • Deep cleaning to rejuvenate the surface and remove dust and fibre, and raise the pile of the carpet
  • Spray carpet edges for moss and algae control
  • Sanitization of artificial surfaces
  • Levelling worn areas with sand or rubber crumb
  • Seam and tear repairs

We can also carry out full rejuvenation of 2G surfaces. If contamination is severe, this involves removal of the existing sand, cleaning of the surface and replacement of new sand.

Our laboratory facilities can test the level of contamination of 2G surfaces.

Call us to discuss our sampling and contamination testing service.